Saturday, 14 July 2012

Flintloque: Kyng Gorge III LE039

The latest delving into the  lead mountain unearthed a small collection of limited edition Flintloque figures that I bought a while ago. With these figures, you either love or hate them, the style is very cartoony and can be crude in sculpting style but they have a charm that appeals to me

The figure I chose to paint is of Kyng Gorge III, the ogre ruler of the orc nation of Albion. In the Flintloque world, the British are orcs whilst the Germans are ogres, hence the reason why this figure is the race he is

For historical reference, here is a painting of the real King George III

This gave me a good indication of a uniform, especially what was going on with the cuffs. For the rest I used my own choices when I got to painting them

Once I had cleaned and based the figure on a 30mm lipped style base (my bases of choice for these figures) I scanned around for some suitable pictures of this miniature painted. The only one I found was the version on the shop website, although to be honest it doesn't really inspire...

He is a nice figure once painted, a big chunk of metal at 50mm tall and stands head & shoulders over most other figures. The only thing I would have liked was a straighter sceptre as the moulded on one is curving to the right and is too attached to the figure to do much with

So, here is my version. I think he looks a bit better than the one above...

click picture to enlarge

This particular figure is casting 200 of the 1000 produced


  1. Nicely done :D, they do look cool figures though

  2. Brilliant! What a great miniature and a great job too; a much improved version.