Friday, 27 July 2012

Firestorm Armada: The Directorate

We have played Spartan Game's Victorian sci-fi game, Dystopian Wars quite a few times at the Wells club over the last year but we have never tried their space based game, Firestorm Armada. So, a group of us ended up with a fleet each to give the rules a try. I went for the Directorate, knowing nothing about the setting but liking the saucer like hulls that are vaguely reminiscent of Star Trek Federation ships

click picture to enlarge

Wanting a fleet done quickly I went for a minimal paint-job on these. Starting with a black undercoat, I dry brushed all of the metal areas with Vallejo natural steel. Next I gave the hulls a coat of Citadel Foundation solar orange (the excellent Foundation range is now discontinued so grab what you can) and once dry I ran some red/orange ink into the panel details. The panel edges were picked out with Vallejo sunburst yellow to give a bit more definition. Finally some areas of the ships were given a wash of blue ink to give a 'glow' effect. The entire fleet was then matt varnished for use
The bases are magnetised with neodymium magnets I bought from Dom's Decals to allow removal for transport, and hopefully not end up with any broken stands. The entire fleet including the additional cruisers & R&D ship all fit nicely into a new KR Multicase Aquilla 4 bag that I bought especially. I can't recommend these cases highly enough!

Ready and just waiting for the first game now


  1. Simple but stunning, look forward to seeing some AAR's.

  2. Very effective colour scheme.

  3. I'll chime in with another comment about how great your "simple" paintjob turned out, they look fantastic. I've been sitting on the Firestone Armada for a while now but it doesn't look like we'll be getting any games in anytime soon. To that effect I'll be vicariously gaming through your exploits, so get those battles in!