Friday, 15 November 2013

Rogue Trader: Adeptus Mechanicus

Next thing painted and finished..

I keep having the urge to go back to the original Warhammer 40K, Rogue Trader rules and play a game sometime. I'm not sure whether I will ever get that far, but I have managed to paint an original marine mechanicus figure to start with

I picked this figure up via a sale on the Lead Adventure forum. It was one I never had originally but kept wishing I had got

click picture to enlarge

I also picked up, via eBay, a couple of old school eldar figures as well. They are currently sitting in some paint stripper prior to painting


  1. That is a cool figure! Way more character than the present GW models. Best, Dean

    1. So true, the old figures simply ooze character

  2. He is a splendid looking miniature, brilliantly painted too.

  3. Nice paintjob can't beat the classic rogue trader figures.