Monday, 11 November 2013

Of Gods And Mortals: Egyptian 1

Osprey Publishing have just released another title in their line of wargames rules, Of Gods And Mortals (OGaM). The rules are from Andrea Sfiligoi, the author behind the popular 'Song Of' series of rules. Having played a few games using these rules and liking the setting behind OGaM, I decided to pre-order a copy of the rules from North Star Miniatures
They promptly arrived a week or so ago and after a quick flick through, I decided I would build an Egyptian force. Now, I have a small collection of Foundry Egyptians already and they would do for the mortal units in my force. I just need to add the gods, legends plus any exotic animal units to the army
The first decision is what god will be used? I did get the Set miniature from North Star with the rules, but a thread on The Lead Adventure Forum gave me another idea. Someone recommended a Reaper statue of Bast that would make a great god. So, an eBay order later gave me the perfect goddess for my force. She stands nearly 60mm tall even after I reduced the size of her base plinth

click picture to enlarge

Being a cat owner (or is that owned by a cat?), Bast appeals to me greatly. Especially when I can field units of cats & lions in her force

Now I just need to try and locate those Foundry Egyptians in the Lead Mountain ..


  1. Now that is a great idea! I must try and resist though!

  2. As Michael says Great Idea. But I too must resist temptation......