Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fairy Meat

Fairy Meat is a game that was published by Kenzer & Co back in 2000. It involves fairy miniatures that battle one another across a tabletop. What is different is that these fairies are 1:1 scale or 'life size' and the tabletop you battle across can be anything you like from piles of books, boxes or whatever you like

Now, these aren't your usual Tinkerbell style fairies but cannibalistic little blighter's that fight with all sorts of nasty weaponry & spells

The game is still available as rules but unfortunately Kenzer & Co ceased production of the miniatures but being one of those quirky games that caught my eye and I snapped up the first five fairy miniatures from wave 1 from The Lead Adventure forum when someone offered them for sale early this year

This is the first of these five, a seasoned fairy. I will endeavour to get the remaining ones done soon..

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  1. Bizarrely I started putting together a SFSFW Participation game to be called Sidhe Wars to be run at Salute in 2000 using 28mm Elf figures with wings cut from blister packs. The idea was that it would be 1:1 scale and I had a wacky idea to buy some turf for the terrain and have an old trainer, empty coke can as scenery. Then I found out about Fairy Meat and dropped it...