Friday, 18 October 2013

Random Painted Things

Before starting on another project, I thought I would grab a couple figures from the Lead Mountain that I fancied painting to get done

So, for no apparent reason other than they caught my eye, here are a female victim from Pulp Miniatures and a vampire hunter from SHQ Miniatures

click all pictures to enlarge



  1. I am slowly edging towards "Pulp" gaming. I want to say I like the female victim for this idea but can't think how I can say that without it sounding sleazy! Nice work on both of them.

  2. They are both great really like that vampire hunter model. The victim will make a great objective. Do you have any giant gorillas lurking in the lead pile?

    1. No giant gorillas but I might have a t-rex lurking..

  3. As Brummie said, the victim would be a great objective model for a Man of Bronze scenario.

  4. Superb as ever! I must see them in person at some point - its been forever since we last had a game!

  5. Absolutely stunning! I love them both.