Monday, 23 September 2013

Silent Hill: Robbie The Rabbit

I decided to have a brief break from the Space Vixens figures I've been painting and do something for myself. I'd recently gotten a hold of a resin figure from Mad Clown Miniatures based on Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill series of games/films

If you don't know, it's a survival horror game based in a mostly abandoned American town of Silent Hill

There are many weird inhabitants of the town, I have some more of these in miniature still to paint for a potential future game sometime. One of these is a rabbit doll that seems to be based on the mascot of a sports team. He appears to be watching the lead character of the series and is never quite explained making him quite eerie..

click picture to enlarge


  1. Very cool, He must be from a later game as I don't remember him from the first game. Its was an ace game that was really eerie and best played at night in the dark on your own.

    1. Yes, he appears in the later games plus makes a brief appearance in the second Silent Hill movie