Monday, 2 September 2013

Space Vixens Commission Part 1

It's been a while, unfortunately due to ongoing health issues I'm only getting a much reduced amount of painting and gaming in at the present time. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future but I'm hoping things will be sorted out by the end of the year

I paint a few figures for a couple of guys who run their own miniatures companies. Nothing huge, just one man operations but they are kind enough to send me free figures and I just have to send them back painted photos to use on their sites

One of these is Gary Mitchell, who runs his Space Vixens From Mars site. This is based on a series of novels Gary has released and a tie-in range of gaming figures. This latest batch is the first ones from what is likely to be the final figures from his range and fills out some gaps that he wanted to complete

So, I kick off with four of the above mentioned Space Vixens figures, armed with a variety of weaponry and equipment

 click pictures to enlarge

Finally a figure from his Divine Wind section, which covers personalities from history and beyond. This is Comrade USSR, a female superhero in body armour

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  1. Excellent work Auton. Gary's Space Vixen work has always impressed me and its great to see paint on these miniatures.