Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 2

A bit of a delayed update for me, I haven't managed to paint much this last week. For some reason it seemed as most of the spare time I had was taken up with online gaming playing either Dead Island, Dawn of War or World of Warcraft. I don't usually computer game that much so I can't really complain about a week now and again

Non computer gaming wise, I played a couple of missions in Zombicide at Wells last week and a team game of Magic the Gathering last night. The Zombicide games were OK, I would say the missions didn't feel as though they had been tested much though. Although, the other ones I've played previously have been much more challenging, so an easier game was welcome. My Kickstarter copy of the game arrived last week, I'm not going to start the painting yet, if I do then nothing else will get done...

Whilst I'm mentioning it, I'm also going in for the Mantic sci-fi sports game, Dreadball. It has the look of an old Amiga game I used to play called Speedball so I just couldn't resist :)

On the painting front I have managed to paint a couple more of the Chinese mythology figures. These are the monk Triptaka from the Journey to the West/Monkey pack plus a vampire hunter from another pack. More to definitely follow soon!

click picture to enlarge



  1. These are superb; I love the colour on the cloak.

  2. Nice work again on these two; glad you found time to fit them in your busy schedule too. Best, Dean

  3. Nice work especially on the yellow clothing

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