Thursday, 6 September 2012

Clowning About

Digging through the pile of figures that still need painting, I came across a set of armed clowns I got from Black Cat Bases a while ago. These will be destined for use in 7TV games, one of the sample scenarios in the Summer Special supplement is based in a carnival with clowns involved

These clowns aren't your usual family friendly ones but seem more reminiscent of Pennywise the clown from the Stephen King story/film It. Picking the first one from the set that I liked the look of, I went for the first colour scheme that came to mind. Suitably scary I think...

click picture to enlarge

Whilst I was waiting for him to dry, I quickly painted up these power units from Fenris Games. They are designed for use with the Incursion weird WW2 boardgame but will be useful in tabletop miniature games as well

click picture to enlarge

Finally, if anyone is going to Colours at Newbury Racecourse this weekend, I'll be there on the Sunday. I'm helping out on the Spartan Games demo table, just look for the confused looking person :)


  1. Great looking (creepy I don't like clowns) Clown. Nice power units perhaps some 7TV objectives perhaps.

    Have fun at Newbury. If you get chance take some pics

  2. Great work although I have to agree with Brummie, his is a tad creepy.