Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gun Turrets

click picture to enlarge

I bought these turrets from Scotia Grendel a while ago but for some reason they sat gathering dust. Over the weekend I grabbed them and decided to paint them up at last. They were originally designed for use with he Kryomek game but will be useful in anything from modern 7TV games onwards seeing as they are armed with machine guns

The gun turrets themselves are loose and tend to fall off rather easily so I used some 3mm magnets to make them more stable and to allow them to turn and be removed if required

They were mainly painted with several of the old Games Workshop Foundation paint colours. I really liked those paints, I must buy one of the new 'base' ones and see how it compares. It's funny, I usually use Vallejo paints but for block painting those Foundation paints were really good

Next on the table, not sure, getting easily distracted at the moment :/


  1. Nicely done. Could be used for fending of hordes of bug or zombies