Friday, 18 July 2014

World of Twilight: Engineer's Hut

Last month I picked up this lovely little resin hut from Fenris Games as they were having a sale to say goodbye to their old webstore. I had this piece pencilled in to get for a while and this tipped me over the edge to get it. It's designed for the World of Twilight setting but can get used in many others

Cast in one solid lump of resin it is a wonderfully detailed scenery item. There are pipes, barrels, wasp nests and all sorts of details just dotted all over it. A simple wash in soapy water and undercoat with black was all the preparation that was needed

click picture to enlarge

Of course, I still have plenty of Twilight figures to paint. I really must get focused..


  1. That looks ace i'll have to re-check this range for a project I have started.

  2. Now that's a beautifully rendered piece of scenery - lovely work Sir.