Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Remainder of June Painting

I was actually quite busy with the brushes during June, it just seemed like everything ended up being completed towards the end of the month. So here are the photos of the random finished things

First to be done was this dwarven steampunk Queen Victoria I got during the Kickstarter that Bob Olley ran. I have some dwarven thugs to go with her and am thinking they would make a fun 'In Her Majesty's Name' group..

click picture to enlarge

Next is a metal Lord of the Rings dragon I picked up (relatively) cheap off of eBay. I had to strip some old paint off and fashion a replacement horn for a missing one. I wanted this model for ages and am glad I got it

 click picture to enlarge

Next a few remaining Batman range figures from Knight Models. The Heath Ledger Joker is an amazing figure plus the henchmen are brilliant!

click pictures to enlarge

Finally, a giant crocodile model from North Star Figures that will form another part of my Egyptian 'Of Gods & Mortals' force. It's a big model, that's two Flames of War large bases I fitted together to make a base large enough for him

click picture to enlarge

Next month, likely more un-focused project painted things