Thursday, 27 March 2014

March Pledge: Week Three

Well, that wasn't the best of weeks to be having whilst trying to do a painting pledge

It started off OK with the first three days then I succumbed to both a back strain and a stomach bug that laid me out for the rest of the week (and even the first day of week four). I did try to paint but it was just not possible :(

So here is a very shortened week three ..

March 15th:  Ghân-Buri-Ghân from Games Workshop

Another one of those Lord of the Rings figures that has been sitting about forever. It was attached to the cover of one of the last issues of Battle Games In Middle Earth magazine. For those who don't know, he is the leader of the wild woses that live in the forests near Rohan

March 16th: Chinese Warrior Princess by Black Hat Miniatures

Yes, another one of the remaining Chinese mythology figures painted. Getting there!

March 17th: Bane by Knight Models

From the Batman range that I painted a figure from at the beginning of the month. Lovely figures, not cheap, but so worth it

And then it all fell apart ..

So next post will be week four

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  1. Lovely job on them all. The batman figures are lovely. I'm also impressed with the Avengers characters previewed especially the hulk!