Monday, 10 March 2014

March Pledge: Week One

Even though I manage to output a fair few painted figures each month, I keep thinking I need to get more done. So, I set myself a challenge for March, paint a figure every day..

Sounds easy? Well it should be apart from on two nights a week I'm usually out gaming so only have an hour or so to get any painting done. Hopefully I can pull ahead of these on previous days and get something part painted

These aren't going to be anything particular project wise, in fact I'm aiming to do a few of the miniatures I've had sat around for ages (years for some of them!). I'll just grab what catches my eye on the day

So, here is week one, March 1st through to March 7th

March 1st: Gollum from the Games Workshop Riddles In The Dark set

A birthday present from a good gaming friend and the first Finecast figure I've ever painted. It was OK, no where as bad as the horror stories I had heard about of this medium. Quite tricky to paint though due to his diminutive size

March 2nd: Batman from Knight Models

He's been waiting for paint for a while but I was worried about painting something nearly all black. He didn't turn out bad in the end and is a really nice figure. In fact, I had more trouble photo'ing him than painting him..

March 3rd: Gilgamesh from Ramshackle Games

This beast is huge, that's a 50mm base I've attached him to! Cast in resin, he was another gift from a gaming friend. No idea what I will use him for but he does look rather good painted

March 4th: Directorate fighter bases from Spartan Games

To add to the fleet I painted a while ago, these are a couple of fighter/bomber token bases for Firestorm Armada. I played my first game a couple of weeks ago and even though I lost (damn you Steve and your jump capable ships!) I enjoyed it

March 5th: Penangallan from Stone Circle Games

The first from a pair of these Asian vampire creatures I recently picked up from a trade, on the Lead Adventure forum. They were from a game called Chinatown that is now long OOP. I thought they would fit in nicely with the Black Hat Chinese mythology figures I've been doing. Read about what they are here

March 6th: Dragyri Cyclone from Dark Age Games

The trouble with being a painter as much as a gamer is I pick-up figures that I just like the look of to paint. Dark Age is one of those games I'll never play but I love the look of some of the figures. This happens to be one of those but she's been sat awaiting paint for at least three years ..

March 7th: Penangallan from Stone Circle Games

The second one of these from the same pack as two days ago

First week done!

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