Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 16

Another quick posting with three more Chinese Mythology figures painted. This leaves me about ten foot figures to paint, then there are the half a dozen or so mounted ones (recently boosted from one single figure due to another lead donation by a friend - thanks Andy!)

These took a day or so longer than they should have thanks to being without electricity, for over 12 hours, following the strong winds we had at the weekend. There is no way you can paint by candlelight no matter how hard you try...

click pictures to enlarge

My copy of the Osprey rules 'A Fistful of Kung Fu' arrived yesterday, I'll be giving it a good read over the weekend and reporting back


  1. Those are some cool looking characters!

  2. Nice work. You'll enjoy the rules! Have fun reading them!

  3. Mwa-ha-ha-ha! No easy project completion for you! Great painting as ever. Love the one in blue in particular. Great pose and armour.