Thursday, 6 February 2014

GAFDOZ: Protectorate Minions

As you may have read on my bio, I paint some figures for a couple of smaller companies. They supply me lead and I paint and return photos for them to use. It feeds my lead addiction :)

These are a couple of new figures for Killer-B's GAFDOZ retro sci-fi range, a new inquisitor and a new minion guard armed with ray pistol. Think Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon etc with enemy troopers who can't hit a barn door let alone the star of the show..

click pictures to enlarge

Whilst I was doing these for Killer-B I took the opportunity to paint some guards I had for my own gaming use. I did a display game at Colours a few years ago, it might get a roll out at another show later this year


  1. Great job. Really neat figures. Back in the '50s I used to sit on the floor and watch the itty-bitty television propel these troopers around the screen in their many adventures.

  2. They look great - you must have quite a varied collection of figures!

    1. You don't know the half of it ... :/