Friday, 16 May 2014


April? But we're half way through May?

Yes, well, the real world has transpired against me the last month. The health issues I was suffering with earlier have returned, I spent some time in hospital, had a minor operation and am having ongoing treatment. This not only severely hit what I managed to get done in April but it means I haven't picked up a paintbrush at all in May :(

So, I thought I'd at least record what I did get done. They aren't the best of paint jobs, I may revisit a couple of figures in the future..


The god Set from North Star for use with the Opsrey rules, Of Gods and Mortals. Big figure, at least 50mm tall

Painted and finished the cafe that I built in March. A simple colour scheme but it works I feel

A slightly modified Hasslefree figure altered to be Dark Alessa from Silent Hill. She was originally a zombie but I repaired the leg bite and patched the torn skirt. The hair is a too long but it will do

A ghost miniature from the old Chinatown range. It came with flowing ribbons to attach but I felt they wouldn't last on the tabletop so left them off

And a robot from the same OOP range. Really struggled with this one, the lines and edges are a bit soft and needed to be harder really for a robot. Still, it's done

And that's it. Not sure when the next post will be so don't hold your breath..


  1. Some cracking work there, love that ghost miniature.

  2. Very interesting figures - all nicely painted. I like the looks of Set

  3. Lookin' good!! Man, that diner is awesome.

  4. Fine work as ever. I look forward to seeing Set in battle before too long. Get well soon! MM.

  5. Beautiful minis, love your work on the colors!

  6. Nick: I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congratsulations!