Monday, 7 April 2014

March Pledge: Week Four + Three Days

And so week four of March passes, at least it was more productive than week three! I've also included the three days left at the end of the month rather than do a separate posting

March 22nd: ILL

Unfortunately I was still recovering from the week three issues so didn't get started until Sunday

March 23rd: Rogue Trader era Eldar from Games Workshop

There's something about the original Warhammer 40K figures that were released over 20 years ago that really appeals to me. They seem to have so much more character than the figures that are currently being produced. I picked this guy and the one from tomorrow up for only a few pounds cheap off eBay. Metal, cheap, great figures, what's not to like?

March 24th Rogue Trader era Eldar from Games Workshop

And the second one, not sure if he's a standard bearer or musician?

March 25th : WIP Cafe

I picked up a small collection of Atomic Cafe '57 figures a while ago when North Star were having a sale. I also managed to get the walls for this O scale diner really, really cheap off of eBay. Agreed, I've had to build the roof and sign but I think it was a bargain. The sign lettering is 8mm plastic characters from Slaters, by the way. I'll undercoat it over the weekend when I can get outside with some spray paint

March 26th - 28th: Frothing Looneys from Statuesque Miniatures

Three figures that I received from Statuesque last week. Brilliant figures that really show what can be done with 3D sculpting. I have some other Statuesque figures as well, after painting these I need to do them :)

March 29th: Elf Artist from Alternative Armies

Part of a very limited edition Flintloque set that also includes a Todoroni noble. He still needs painting though

March 30th: Zin Envoy from Ion Age

A free monthly figure I got with an order from Ion Age for some 15mm sci-fi figures. He appears to be Asian inspired with the clothing and hair/hat style. Great figure, quick to do which was great for a day with not much spare time

March 31st: Hef from Brigade Games

The leader of the Kit Kat Club, one of the Atomic Cafe packs I picked up from North Star when they had them on sale

So, March is complete. Although not totally successful due to illness, I feel it was worth the effort. It was a struggle some days but it made me clear some things which was good

Will I do it again? Yes, but not every month as I need a painting break for a few days. Maybe every other month is possible, I'll have a think ..

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  1. Woo first loonies I've seen painted! Very nice work, they look suitably crazy. Love the eldar too.