Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well, I have been busy in the background working on things but not having anything ready to post up until now

Very shortly I should be receiving my Dreadball game from Mantic Games that I backed on their Kickstarter pledge. Wanting something to paint and get in the sports frame of mind I turned to some Bloodbowl figures that have been hanging around for a while

I picked up this Impact figure for use as sideline support, nothing like some inspiration to spur your team on!

click picture to enlarge

So, planning my painting out for over the Christmas & New Year break I've decided to aim to get the Terran Firestorm Invasion 10mm starter force done. I've spent the last week washing, cleaning, gluing, attaching magnets and finally undercoating them all to get to this stage. That's twenty six 3mm magnets fitted to all of the tank and artillery turrets. And, yes, I did end up with one or two glued to my fingers ..

click picture to enlarge