Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The War Doctor & Boone

I painted something! It might not seem like much but trust me, with all the health  problems I've been having, this is a vast step

Looking at the lines of figures waiting to be painted, I dusted (literally) these two figures off to get done. The first is Doctor Payne by Heresy Miniatures. Obviously based on John Hurt as the War Doctor from the Doctor Who episode, The Day of The Doctor. The resemblance is amazing and the only thing that kept me from painting him sooner was all that dark brown clothing. He didn't come out too bad in the end though

click picture to enlarge

The second figure is the last of the Star*Hide range that I had left to paint for Craig at Killer-B Games. Standing at 40mm tall, he's Boone, a sasquatch hunter complete with a pair of man traps. Nice..

click picture to enlarge

Now I've got my mojo back, expect some more postings