Friday, 30 November 2012

Jolly Hockey Sticks Comparison

Here you go guys, comparison picture of the two figures from yesterday

As you can see the Fantascape figure is big at about 32mm whereas Mysty, the Crooked Dice girl, is about 28mm in size. I'll use the blond as the school hockey captain to allow for her being taller

Apologies for the flash reflection on the ruler, I must find a white plastic one to use....

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

7TV: Jolly Hockey Sticks

A week since the last post? The reason was a nasty stomach bug that hit me for several days, I was even off work with it :(

Anyway, picking the latest random selection of figures to be painted, I went for a pair of similarly themed figures from different manufacturers. The theme being schoolgirl hockey players (don't ask..)

First up, and the figure that prompted both of these to be done, is Mysty from Crooked Dice. She appears in their latest ZombieTV supplement, For Ghouls & Colleges

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At the same time as this figure was released I found the following zombie survivor available from Fantascape. She is a big girl, and the hockey stick is more ice rather than field, but I think she fits in nicely. The zombie head is a nice touch!
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Hopefully I've seen the back of the bug and can get some serious painting in now...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

7TV: Blake

One more new Crooked Dice figure completed last night. This is the first of their pair of miniatures based on the heroes from Blake's 7, a TV series from the 1970's here in the UK

For anyone who hasn't seen the show, it's worth checking out. Yes it looks a bit shaky after all these years (who wouldn't?) but the story lines are well put together. There is actually talk of a new re-imagining of the show but I haven't heard anything for a while

So, here is titular hero himself, Roj Blake

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I have one more character to paint, Olag Gan, then I'm waiting for Crooked Dice to release the rest

Previously, I painted the following Blake's 7 related figures. These are not Servalan and Travis, two lead baddies plus a group of Federation guards from CP Models. Crooked Dice produce their own guards as well now, I shall have to add a few of them to the mix...

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Monday, 19 November 2012

7TV: A Couple More

I seem to have slowed up painting the last week or two. I can't really put my finger on the reason though. Maybe it's the darker evenings and just wanting to sit down when I get in from work?

Still, I forced myself to start painting again over the weekend. As I didn't go to Warfare this year (a decision made as I have plenty to paint en-hand as it is) I grabbed a few new Crooked Dice 7TV figures that I had arrive recently

First up is one of the not-Angel pilots, Katrina Dare. Painted in the scheme that is reminiscent of the show she is taken from. I must get the other two figures they do and add to the set sometime...

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The other figure I painted is one of their arch villains, Dr Ulysses Argo, complete with his electro gauntlets

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I must try and keep up the painting now I have started again  :/

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Big Bang Theory

Recently I discovered the brilliant comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. For some reason, the show had slipped under my radar, and I never started watching it until season 4. Having now caught up with most of the repeats, I'm eagerly awaiting the start of the new season, on E4 this Thursday, here in the UK

It contains so many references to shows & cultures that I enjoy, computer gaming, Star Wars, Star Trek, boardgames amongst others. Wrap all of this up with some excellent comedy writing and it ticks all my boxes!

So, you may ask, where is this heading on a wargames blog? Simple, Attica Games have released a set of five figures called the 'graduates' that bear a striking similarity to the cast. I had to have them & paint them....

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Now, they just need to add two more female figures for Amy & Bernadette

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bushido: The Nian

Just sneaking in at the end of October, I managed to finish off one more of the Japanese fantasy figures for Bushido

I picked this figure up at Colours, back in early September, and had him based and undercoated on the painting table for several weeks. I just couldn't seem to work out what to paint him so I resorted to mixing various colours together on a palette until I found something that looked about right. I think it ended up being a mix of Vallejo sombre grey and tan but don't quote me on it....

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The Nian is a demonic Oni dog like creature for the Savage Wave faction and he is based on a 40mm resin base I had spare

Next month, continuation of the far East fantasy that I seem to be doing at the moment